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I’ve had a lot of nicknames, more than most, I think. Sonja boi, J, Gerber, Jaskinky, Keeks, Jas. But one of the worst nicknames was The Jungle. I had this nickname in middle school because I didn’t (and still don’t) shave my legs (and armpits too). Matthew Immergut states that body hair is seen as a manifestation of a nasty and wild nature so ‘The Jungle’ is probably accurate nickname for a hairy twelve-year-old. (more…)

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Recently I came across an article on Hello Giggles that talked about the possible reason that people get gray hair when they are stressed and it got me thinking about gray hair and the value we put on it. Freshmen year of college I was standing in the girls’ floor bathroom brushing my teeth when I noticed I had a gray hair. (more…)

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  1. I had a cute little bob in kindergarten. By second grade, the length of my hair determined my perception of my femininity. I refused to cut it short again until I was 22.


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Body hair, almost everyone has it. Some more than others and in more places too. But when did body hair become a symbol for unhygienic, dirty, and gross? There used to be a time when body hair on both men and women was completely normal. Men had hairy chests and women left their pubic hair in its natural state. But today both of those are big no – no’s in society. (more…)

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