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I hate birthdays – mine, in particular. It’s just a reminder that I’m getting older – that another year of my time on this earth has passed. And you definitely don’t feel any different than the day before (my grandmother ALWAYS asks me that). (more…)

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Recently I came across an article on Hello Giggles that talked about the possible reason that people get gray hair when they are stressed and it got me thinking about gray hair and the value we put on it. Freshmen year of college I was standing in the girls’ floor bathroom brushing my teeth when I noticed I had a gray hair. (more…)

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My Age Doesn’t Fit, or Does it?

holyshit40My 40th birthday is fast approaching and I can’t help but think about age. Age is a number that has so many assumptions wrapped up in its little digits. There are assumptions about how a body should function, what it should be doing, and how it should be dressed all based on age. These assumptions and expectations are not just on the body, they’re also imposed on how a person should act and what kinds of things they should enjoy. (more…)

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