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Everywhere I go I see younger children, teenagers, and young adults snapping everything they do. My sister literally stays on Snapchat/IG so much that I do not enjoy her company because that’s ALL she does. I see people dying to post on Instagram. I see old people on Facebook 247. My mom can barely get though the door before she is on the computer looking at her newsfeed, for hours. Both of my grandparents are 70 and they both are on Facebook, and they comment on EVERYTHING, it is beyond annoying.My grandma has at least 50 repost a day, seriously. About 3 in half years ago I deleted my Instagram for many many reasons. I ended up deleting my Facebook this year, because it was just too many old people and all long post that were just to annoying to take anymore. The first reason I deleted my social media was because I was always stalking someone, wanting to see what they were up to, simply being nosey and accidently liking their pictures…. embarrassing. (more…)


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It’t no secret that UMBC is the worst in terms of accessibility. What follows are my experiences as a disabled student at UMBC throughout the course of my developing disability. (more…)

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I am an able-bodied person. I take advantage of this fact every day of my life as I walk around campus. At times I get winded or my legs hurt, but for the most part, I have no trouble walking to my classes, the dining hall, or common spaces on campus. As such, it is not immediately obvious to me and other able-bodied people around me how inaccessible this campus is. Every single one of my daily routes involves stairs. I hate them, but I can climb them. This is not the case for everyone on campus.


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