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I was thinking about this as I cleaned some sweat off of the ear pads of my headphones. People are kind of super gross.


(A very distressed, very pink, child) (more…)


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For a couple of weeks, I have noticed something that has been circling my life, that something is oppression. (more…)

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In everyday life, women’s bodies are constantly being policed and judge by not only men, but by other women as well.  (more…)

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Man staring nervously at piles of folders

Well, here we are again. It’s the day that an assignment is due and you’re still working on it. (more…)

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My dad used to work in the coal mines of West Virginia. This was before I was born and right around the time my parents got married. His father and uncles were coal miners as well and my grandfather wished for my dad to work anywhere but the mines. (more…)

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One of my favorite things to talk about is gyms. Not because I’m a hardcore “gym rat” or that I consider it a hobby (more…)

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That was a question told to me in the 6th grade. The children often snickered about my obese teacher. One day in class the children were making “fat jokes” about the teacher and I still remember a girl in my class telling me that fat people make themselves fat, so we shouldn’t feel bad for them. I immediately thought how wrong this girl was for saying that, but was she right? (more…)

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