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What actually influenced my writing this morning was a Men’s Health magazine that was left on my coffee table by one of my friends. And of course as curiosity will sometimes have its way with me I began to read. I thought, “this is where the secret to getting my abs right may be”.

Skimming through I see the advice column with weird questions. The ones that society kinda expects no one to ask or for you to get through different clues. Things like “How do I ask this girl out?” or “when is the best time to get my anus bleached?” lined the pages of this wonderful magazine. The answers to these questions were too political and inapplicable to all types of bodies. So I answered them

  1. I have trouble holding in my “gas” in when I go on first dates because I just get so nervous. How can I prevent this from happening? I haven’t really tried anything and I am open to suggestions”

    Pre-date poops dude, flush everything out of your system and take one of those “gas x” pills and you will be set. And if you’re a confident guy and your body is giving you issues during the date. Let one loose and blame it on how nervous you are and laugh it off. They probably let on go before you guys met up

  2. How many dates should I wait to have sex? will they stay after a one night stand?

    You just gotta play it safe, speedy. Its no specific number. You can have sex on the first date or on the 81th date. If they were gonna leave, they’d leave

  3. How can I make my body like a model?
    Its really nearly impossible. Our bodies are all different. Some people can even sleep at the gym and they won’t have the chiseled abs you seen in the magazines. You gotta love yourself already and make the changes you want according to your own body. If you have a specific body type goal in mind you’re just setting yourself up to be crush when natural gym isnt getting you there

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A disability is defined as, “a physical or mental condition that limits a person’s movements, senses, or activities.” I’m hesitant to call my anxiety disorder a disability but I can’t help but to think of this definition.  (more…)

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Whose Body is it?

Way back in high school, I had a friend who was a grade ahead of me. I would not say we were best friends but we were close. He was a popular person that lit up a room with fun and good vibes whenever he entered. As we grew older we saw less and less of each other. Until an exact month before I began college I saw him at target while he was at work and we talked for a long time. He promised me that he would talk to his employer and see about getting me a job and he did. He did talk to his employer and continuously tried to contact me about coming for a job but I already had one and I snobbed him because I just was not that interested at the time. (more…)

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It’s pretty standard, that the first time I do anything new, I have a panic attack.

2013-07-19-panic_attack (2) (more…)

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(tw: media portrayal and sexualization of young girls)


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This past August, my friend I were leaving the mall and walking to my car. I unlocked my car door and took a step up into my car. Out of nowhere, a sharp pain shot up back and I fell to the ground, screaming, and in tears. (more…)

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Stress-induced picking of the skin, also known as Dermatillomania, can be quite the self-conscious setback in life for those suffering, and also pretty unattractive for those who come across anyone who lives with it. (more…)

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