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I’m not thankful for all the lives that had to be raped, diseased spread and killed for this country to be present.

I’m not thankful for the cultures and traditions that have been wiped¬†out so that it be exchanged with sports and consuming dead animals.

i’m not thankful for all the wars we’ve created because of greed and fear from white supremacy.

I’m not thankful to be human sometimes.

I’m not thankful that i have to shut up so i can let people live comfortably and not ethically.

I’m not thankful for all the marginalized people have to be marginalized.

I’m not thankful for specieism.

I’m not thankful for a gap in peoples conscience.

I’m not thankful for time.

I’m not thankful for the sun that burns my skin and dries my lips ¬†because we’ve killed the ozone layer.

I’m not thankful for all man made constructions

But I’m thankful I’m thankful for living this life.

(As a spiritual person I’m giving thanks for my life everyday, but there deserves a space where i can express what I’m not thankful FOR in life… (you know, duality also a gemini). It’s okay to pessimistic sometimes and feel hopeless of humanity but I’ve came to a conclusion that humans are like sheep we like to follow the crowd and that if are following beliefs and ideologies that don’t just benefit us but other species we could live in much less harm)



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