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Image Source: http://trauma.blog.yorku.ca/2015/12/south-asian-queer-community-lacks-visibility/  (Artist – Jinesh Patel)

(Content and Trigger Warning: Self Harm, Suicide, Substance Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Intimate Partner Violence, Bullying)



I often find that mental illness and queerness aren’t addressed properly or constructively when talked about together. So often the public at large would have us believe that queerness is a result of mental illness or that mental illness is the result of queerness exclusively. With this in mind, the queer community will often push back on society’s behavior by talking about the two exclusively from each other, frequently ignoring all the ways mental illness intersect. That’s does not go to say that queerness is the result of mental illness or vice versa at all, but rather it shouldn’t be ignored that many people in the queer community go through both because of the way society has constructed and reacted towards queerness. For example, queerness has often been perceived as a deviant thing, it has historically been punished and worked against in a variety of ways. (more…)

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I see you, who comes to me and says:

“Why are you here? You are so pretty






Why are you here, so far away?”

And I will give a smile, give you a bold-faced lie, say

“Oh, I am not feeling so well.

I am but an introvert.”

Or something else that glibs my mind.

And when you are away, I will frown, and I will remember

The monster in the corner of my eye.


My dearest friend, the one who has lived with me longer than I have

Who has seen me through my trials with but a smile on its face

The one who I hid away.


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I never knew that one’s skin could tell so many stories until I realized that the most common questions I get are about my skin. (more…)

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My Scar Story


My 3, tiny tiny scars.

Scars. We all have them. However, the stories behind them are all incredibly different. (more…)

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