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Back in the day, I used to binge drink on a weekly basis and in turn would often end up vomiting every few weeks from drinking too much. This led me to eventually develop a regiment for dealing with the nausea that is associated with such excessive drinking, but for the most part I had forgotten about it when I stopped binge drinking several years ago. Then a few weeks ago I was out drinking with my partner and some friends and upon return home I became very nauseous. I immediately fell into my old pattern for dealing with this nausea and carried it out, refusing my partner’s help and leaving to fall asleep alone.

The next day, I began reflecting on how this pattern of mine was a situation where I experienced the disciplined body to deal with some illness. (more…)

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Who Are You to Tell Me How I Feel?

trust meMost people go to the doctor when they are sick to get a diagnosis, medication, or simply to feel better. We all know how it goes… (more…)

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