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There you have it folks!

Not only is Donald Trump a bigot, but now he is also a sexual assailant. (more…)

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Jamming onstage to Doctor P during Stacked: Miami

Jamming onstage to Doctor P during Stacked: Miami. RIP blue hair.

If you’ve ever heard me talk about my musical interests, you’ll know that I’m a massive basshead. I love everything about the Electronic Dance Music community, from the art of making heartfelt kandi bracelets and the secret handshake used to trade them, to the PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect) motto, the flow arts (hula hoop dancing, poi, and flow wand) performances during a show, the ability to walk up to anyone and potentially make a new best friend, to the infectious energy radiating from the crowd. Being introduced to the EDM scene allowed me to express myself with reckless abandon, whether it be through dance, hooping, kandi-making, or interesting costume-like getups. But there’s one thing I don’t love about this community- the amount of slut shaming in response to girls wearing rave outfits that attempt to be both cute and comfortable.

TW: Sexual assault, death mention, slut shaming, drug mention, rape culture


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Keep Your Cool?

Have you seen the new Axe commercial for their Cool Metal body wash? If not, pause your reading and take a watch…Axe Cool Metal, Keep Your Cool

Makes you say WHAT?! Right? When I first saw this commercial all I could think was “quite a stereotype they’ve got there, huh?”


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