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weight conscious

Forget what a doctor has told me….I’m terrified of what my family has shown me. My lovely, intelligent, role model maternal grandmother died in her early 50s. Even though, she was a neonatal nurse that walked the halls of John Hopkins, she was obese. My big hearted but small statured nana was about my height 5 feet, sadly weighed around 300 pounds. In the last years of her life I saw her suffer from diabetes, heart complications and probably other complications (more…)

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About a month ago I went to visit my Doctor for the first time in about 5 years. I found after a certain age my primary physician was replaced by my gynecologist.

In general I think I’m healthy other than once a year getting the common cold or flu. Since the beginning of this semester I hadn’t been feeling my normal self. I had been suffering from stomachaches constantly, feeling exhausted even after a full night rest and suffering from headaches daily.


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