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Viola Davis, an award winning black actress, recently starred in the movie The Help. At the 2012 Oscars, Viola appeared on the Red Carpet glowing and debuting her natural hair. The media, of course, made this a into a huge story. When asked what made her decide to wear her natural hair to the Oscars, she stated that h

er husband encouraged her to do so.

I believe that Viola Davis was radiant and confident that night. She was absolutely beautiful. Many black women and young girls appreciated seeing natural hair on the red carpet. Wendy Williams, radio talk show host turned television host, did not feel the same way. On her self titled talk show, Wendy Williams insinuated that the Davis’ TWA (teeny weeny afro) made her look mannish, like the history teacher in the 70’s sitcom “Room 222”. At another time, Williams stated that Davis’ hair was just not professional. Many black women were appalled at her statements. They felt that Williams was attacking black women. As you can see in the picture on the left, Davis display of natural beauty was inspirational to black women and girls; and, Williams blatantly shot it down on national television to an audience who probably does not understand natural black hair to begin with.

Black hair has so much politics attached to it. In the past, black women have felt restricted by white beauty standards of straight or wavy hair that is often unnatural to them. I, like many others, am appalled that a black woman would scorn another black woman for displaying her natural beauty. “Natural” hair is our hair. Kinky, curly, wavy, coarse, whatever, it is our hair. I am encouraged by the fact that so many black women have decided to transgress white beauty standards and free themselves from chemical relaxers, letting their own unique beauty shine. Viola Davis certainly took a stand at the Oscars and became even more of an inspiration to black women.

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It is surprising to me that people believe that the beauty behind an African-American women is the straightness of their hair. not their beautiful complexion, the figure God gave to them or the way we carry ourselves but our hair. Black women today say the straighter the better, but why not the healthier  the hair better. African-Americans are putting many chemicals in their hair to straighten it so they can try to come close to the women of the opposite races or whites.

Actor Chris Rock featured a documentary called Good Hair to ask the African-American Population what they consider good hair. He interviewed many African-American female actors to give this definition on what they feel. Many of them responded “the straighter the better”. To them if it’s not straight then it is an embarrassment to them. when watching that movie all I could notice was that many of those women were not even wearing their own hair, many if not all were wearing weaves-an attachment pieces to the head that is sown in after real hair is hidden away in braids. How can these women know what African-American beauty is when they don’t show it.

The term that many African-American use for their hair care products that would straighten their hair is called “Hair Crack” or relaxer the reason why this chemical is called Hair Crack is because once you use it once your natural beauty is gone and you must continue to use it to keep hair from being damaged. one thing that really disturbs me with the using of these chemicals is that children as young as six get these relaxers, destroying their hair because mothers think that their natural-born hair is not acceptable and ugly and will make their daughter’s beauty suffer. When watching Good Hair, Chris Rock talked to a little girl while getting her hair done and asked her why does she need a relaxer, she says that it makes her look pretty. What are we teaching our young daughter that without a relaxer our young female are ugly and are not as pretty as our white women and daughters and the only way to look like them, beautiful we must put chemicals in our hair to become them.

In conclusion black women should not be judged and classified as beautiful because of how straight their hair is but the inside. Yes, African-American women are known for their hair but the natural beauty of it, the way it grows, and the way women have used the natural beauty to pave the way for the daughter of African-American decent to look at themselves in the mirror and this of themselves as beautiful even though their hair isn’t straight or looks like the opposite race. just knowing that if a young black woman look in the mirror with their natural hair and say that they are beautiful and will not be tempted to change it because it doesn’t fit society and what they think is beautiful. Be confident in your natural beauty and one should let no one to tell you otherwise.

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