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Requirements for dancers have changed over time in order for a team to give a top quality performance. Many factors are taken into consideration when put on line-up for a competition. (more…)

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It is funny how some people can dislike one small aspect of your body. Shouldn’t people be more reasonable and accept your styles when you choose to do them. Shouldn’t it not be anyone’s business but your own in choosing what you do with your appearance?

Once upon a time I had a boyfriend and we had been dating for about 2 years.Throughout the relationship I had very long hair. This long, frizzy, split ended, dead mass of hair flopping on my cheeks around my face. Don’t get me wrong at one point I did enjoy having my long hair, for me it was a way of hiding when I suddenly became shy and uncomfortable with myself/ my body.. But then all of a sudden I decided to stop hiding from the “world” and show them my face. After I cut my hair I felt a sensation that I had never felt before:empowerment. I felt so unstoppable and beautiful I could not wait to show my boyfriend at the time. He broke up with me within 3 months saying he couldn’t stand my short hair and he wasn’t attracted to me anymore.  My response was simply this; short hair don’t care.

I had learned to love my body, face and self that I realized that I didn’t really “need” him anymore. If someone can’t accept your physical appearance then they are not welcome to influence your daily life.  After cutting my hair I became more comfortable with my body especially my face. Cutting my hair released and old version of me who I never want to be again, a shy small woman who cant see the beauty in herself. That old version of self will never be invited in my life again.

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