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Earlier this week, my boyfriend sent me a link to an article about boobies!


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All my life I’ve been the tallest chick in the room. Sometimes it goes unnoticed but i’m generally not easily camouflaged


Always in the back for pictures so I don’t block other people, Always asked if I played basketball. I’m tall and that is a widely known fact.Until today I did not really think of how that affected my movement through the spaces within my life . While sitting in the dining room with my roommates, we talked about how we’re all tall so we tend to kick each other under the dining room table. Now let me define tall. I’m 5’10, my other girl roommate (photo’d above in the smiley face tee) is 5’8 and her boyfriend is 6’2. The average woman in the US is roughly 5’4 while the average man in 5’9. So it’s safe to say we are some pretty tall people.

Now generally I can go about my day without noticing this obvious fact about myself. Other times I can’t. For one, I wish my seat in my car could move back further. Don’t get me wrong I love my 08 toyota corolla but sometimes Pierre just doesn’t seem like he was made for me.


Talking about window seats is what really got me thinking. Now generally when I get on a bus or in a car, I hope to get the window seat because most days I enjoy the view. With time though i’ve started to reject the window seat as my first choice. If I sit by the window and by chance someone sits beside me, i become confined to this little corner for however long this ride will last. For me that is almost torture since I have to change the position of my knee every 10 minutes or so to avoid pain in the joint. This entire problem can play a significant role in when I decide to travel. Sometimes I will catch a flight to Myrtle Beach to visit my best friend but if there are no available aisles seats for the day i’m flying, I will completely change my trip schedule in order to ensure i’m not stuck in the window seat for an hour and a half. The same problem occurs on the bus. If there are no available aisles seats, I will gladly stand for the rest of the trip.

Thinking of these small daily obstacles I encounter also makes me wonder what it must be like to be short in our society. I’ve witnessed on many occasions people unable to reach things in public places. One time my co worker used the plastic mat that they busboys stack our cups on to knock over the stack far in the back so they would be within arms reach. There are so many little things that have to be altered in our daily lives if we fall out of any of society’s norms.

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