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I’m very passionate about pursuing graphic design/animation, but I can’t help but wonder if it may consume me like a parasite when I finally reach my ambition.  As with any career or job, people are immensely dedicated and motivated by the drive or salary that career/job provides them.  But at some point or another that same “drive” may cause their mind, body, and soul to cling ONLY to that one job or career.  What about family, friends, and “me” time?  Will that all just fade into the background?  Or will it even matter at all once one gets to the top?

I know, I’m probably overthinking all of this, but it is quite possible.  Growing up, I’ve witnessed my Dad working overtime every day except on Sundays, and one could tell that he was devoted to his work.  He is self-employed and owns his own appliance business, and his body became “one” with the machinery that he repaired and sold daily to his customers.  His life revolved around carrying heavy refrigerators, squeezing inside limited spaces to repair washing machines/dryers, stuffing himself inside the grossest stoves to get them cleaned for delivery, etc.  It was like he was sent on this earth only to work with these appliances.  I know his drive was to provide for the family, but it seemed like the business was his first priority.

Same can apply to certain friends and acquaintances I know that either have full-time or part- time jobs.  All they are focused on is getting to work in order to get that weekly paycheck.  The majority of their minds dwell on their job, and nothing else.  It is like they are enslaved mentally, almost oblivious to everything in life around them, becoming lifeless and transforming into “job zombies”.

I will continue pursuing my ideal career with great stride, but it seems like in today’s society, human beings are only sources of labor, physically and mentally.  Does one need to become a “job zombie” in order to remain at a comfortable financial status?  Or can one also fit plenty of life’s other values into the picture as well?  Oh well, all that I know is, I have to find an answer to that second question, because I refuse to become a lifeless human being that only commits to my career; my religion, family and friends share a great value as well and greatly deserve as much attention in my life as possible.


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