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I was reading this article on Brittany Griner the female basketball player that plays for Baylor University Basketball team and who is the fourth women in basketball history to dunk. the only interesting thing about her is that when she dunks she dunks hard (like a male). even though she looks like a female many people in the world consider her to be a male that looks like a female only because the way she dunks no other female dunker  has never been done  before.

There were only three other women who have ever dunks before and they are Candace Parker, Sylvia Fowles, and Lisa Leslie. Brittany Griner makes it five and the best female Dunker the world has ever seen. what I don’t understand is why is it so hard to believe that she is just very athletic why can’t she just be a very athletic female and not a female that plays like a male or maybe a male in a female body.

the article discusses that she may have more testosterone than a ordinarly female but that is not uncommon so we can’t blame her and bash her for the gifts that God gave her to succeed all we can do it credit her for working on her craft and being the best female player she is.

As an athlete I somewhat understand what she goes through, because women are considered more manly because they play sports and the one’s that are really good are really stereotyped to play like a male because they are good and maybe resemble a males game but why can’t it just be a female playing like a female, because now a days females play more and more athletic and aggressive

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