As the new year is approaching and my 23nd Birthday right after (whoop whoop J ) (i feel super old L)  I have been thinking about each and every experience I encountered this year, people I met, people I no longer associate with, my family, friends, my health, basically every aspect of life. I feel the older I get, the wiser I become. The more I appreciate life, those who care about me. Recently, I have been having such a hard time forgiving people who have hurt me in the past. I’m not sure what is it, sometimes I could be completely fine, thinking I’ve put it all behind me and I’m no longer stressing about it. Other times I start reminiscing and bad memories start hunting my mind, then I start to hold so much anger and I become so upset towards those people. So I started asking myself how in the world am I supposed to forgive those people when I can’t seem to forget all the bad they have done to me. Continue Reading »



You want to know what growing up with depression taught me?
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Now What?

As I prepare to graduate, I realise I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around ideas of being a graduate. Continue Reading »

Talking About Sex

I mentioned in a previous post that talking about sex is very taboo in my family. I have a big family and spend a lot of time with them so naturally I grew up uncomfortable talking about sex too. Continue Reading »

At the beginning of the semester, I came across an article titled The Deaf Body in Public Space on my Facebook news feed that was posted by one of my deaf friends. As I read through the article, I found myself nodding in agreement with many of the observations that the author, Rachel Kolb, voiced. Continue Reading »

Everywhere I go I see younger children, teenagers, and young adults snapping everything they do. My sister literally stays on Snapchat/IG so much that I do not enjoy her company because that’s ALL she does. I see people dying to post on Instagram. I see old people on Facebook 247. My mom can barely get though the door before she is on the computer looking at her newsfeed, for hours. Both of my grandparents are 70 and they both are on Facebook, and they comment on EVERYTHING, it is beyond annoying.My grandma has at least 50 repost a day, seriously. About 3 in half years ago I deleted my Instagram for many many reasons. I ended up deleting my Facebook this year, because it was just too many old people and all long post that were just to annoying to take anymore. The first reason I deleted my social media was because I was always stalking someone, wanting to see what they were up to, simply being nosey and accidently liking their pictures…. embarrassing. Continue Reading »

Nowadays, we often find ourselves letting society define what is acceptable/not acceptable, or what is beautiful/ugly, e.t.c. So a while ago I was speaking with my friend and she tells me that she wants to go for a swim, but that she can’t go because of the fact that she has a lot of stretch marks on her thighs and stomach. She is not the first person that I have come across that talks about how they feel ashamed and ugly because they have stretch marks. I have also come to realize that this thought process is often associated with women.

In my opinion, this is absolutely nonsense/absurd, just like scars I find stretch marks to be rather beautiful and I feel like it’s one of the things that defines you as a person. This to me also shows our cultural differences because in my country (Nigeria), a woman having stretch marks is actually celebrated. To Nigerians it’s a sign of wealth and healthy living. Society (mostly men) needs to do a better job in giving people the opportunity to be themselves. No one should be insulted/attacked/harassed for having stretch marks because if anything, stretch marks enhances a persons beauty.